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Massachusetts State Flag

Massachusetts was the 6th state admitted into the country in 1788.

Massachusetts first had a flag that had a different design on each side.   In 1971, the Massachusetts state flag was changed and only depicts the original front design.  It is of a Native American on a blue shield.  He is holding a bow in one hand and an arrow in the other, pointed down to symbolize peace.  A crest above the shield shows an arm bent at the elbow, hand holding a sword.

Massachusetts Flag

This illustrates the Massachusetts state motto, “By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.”  These top quality Massachusetts Flags are made from heavy-duty, commercial grade outdoor 100 percent Nylon fabric for maximum durability. All flags are made in America. They are finished with  a strong heading and solid brass grommets for displaying the flag.   Mass state flags are also available in heavy duty polyester for longer life.  Visit Flag-works over America for all your flag needs.

New Designs: ISO Certification Flags

Has all the hard work paid off with an ISO certification for your company? Well, hard work has its rewards achieving its ISO/QS, ISO/TS 16949 certification is the first step.  Now, let the world know of your commitment to quality.  wpe4F.jpg (5343 bytes) Flag-Works’ ISO/QS flags and banners allow your company to proudly display your achievement with a custom Flag-Works ISO/QS flag.  We make our ISO/QS flags to order so that you may choose your color scheme.
These flags have appliquéd ISO letters/numbers, your ISO flag reads correct on the front and reverse on the back.  Flags are finished with canvas heading and brass grommets- and we only use 100% 200-denier SolarMax nylon.  New designs are now printed on nylon with rich vibrant colors.  images/ISO 9001 new1.jpgThese flags have been very well received.  We try and keep plenty on the shelf, for your needs.  For all your flag needs visit Flag-Works over America

New Aluminum Grave Markers

A while ago I posted about custom bronze grave markers. This post is about aluminum grave markers. WWIIAluminum grave markers have been around for sometime know. However, most people and groups have chosen bronze. Bronze grave markers were always the first choice, but since the “difficult times” many people have been looking for alternatives. Hence, plastic grave markers saw a boom in sales at one fourth the price of bronze. Now plastic was good in a pinch however it still looked “cheap”. Now we have aluminum, as solid as bronze with a finish of bronze. A perfect marriage of low cost and good looks.  The aluminum grave markers also come in the 5 military branches, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and the Navy.

Marine Corps Aluminum Grave Marker

We also have Civil service markers for the fire departments  Police officers, and Registered Nurses RN.  Please  visit Flag-Works and get your aluminum grave markers today!



Historical Flags at Flag-Works

Did you know that Flag-Works not only has the Betsy Ross flag for sale on it’s website but also has flags like the Alamo, the Bennington and the British Red Ensign.  These true American historical flags are available here or visit for all of America’s historic flags.

Alamo flag, Alamo flagsAlamo Flag

Bennington Flag, Bennington flagsBennington Flag
Historical Information

British Red ensign flag, Cromwell flagBritish Red Ensign Flag

Tried and True Open Flag is resurrected.

Open flagFlag-Works over America is bringing back an open flag from the past.  At one time this flag was always on hand, at Flag-Works, to ship to you the customer.  As time would have it, the flag became too costly to make so it was discontinued. With multiple requests for the flag  and none of our customers balking at the price we started thinking, custom open flags.  Hence, the decision to resurrected it from the past.  This small window flag is designed for main street stores to let the walk-in customer know if you are open or closed.  This is a high quality hand made custom applique flag.  We find the the 7″ x 18″ size to be perfect for hanging from the top of the door  and filling in the door frame just enough not to be overpowering, but just right. Other sizes are available. We will make the flag in your choice of material colors and thread color if you like.  The picture above seems to be the most popular color combination. Visit our new page custom open flags to see all the made to order open flags.

Eleven Years After September 11, 2001

Its just this simple.  We still remember!  Our thoughts go to all those  affected by that frightful day.


Flag-Works over America

The Gadsden Flag

Don’t tread on Me is the inscription on the Gadsden flagsGadsden FlagThe flag of the first commander of the U. S. Navy, Esek Hopkins. It takes the popular name from Colonel Christopher Gadsden, who gave a replica of the original to the S.C. Provincial Congress.  Don’t tread on me has become synonymous with the current Tea Party movement.  The original flag stood for not letting England tread on colonial patriots.   The Tea Party, patriots, don’t want the American government treading on them.  This makes this flag carry an appropriate message that is still relevant today.

Our authentic historical reproductions of flags from American history are popular with collectors or as part of patriotic displays.  The historical flags are manufactured with the same high quality outdoor construction as our state and international flags. Buy one today!