Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Spinning Pole

There have been many updates in the flag industry, but one stands out.

For as long as flags have been flying on house mounted flagpoles, they have gotten wrapped around the pole.  This is called being “furled.”  Many items try to negate this unsightely display of the American flag: the pole sleeve flag, the unwrapper tube and the neverfurl. They all accomplished the job of keeping the flag unfurled, but none has succeded as easily as the spinning pole has. It’s simple.  Attach the flag and let it fly free.  The spinning pole has made the un-wrapper tube and the never-furl obsolete.

What makes it so simple?  The pole is actually two pieces of aluminum tube that screw together.

One piece has ball bearings in it allowing the top tube to spin.  This spinning keeps the flag from wrapping.  Simple. The  Spinning pole video shows how a flag just spins free. (I don’t know how to rotate the video)