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Open Flag

OpendotsWe have brought back one of our # 1 Open Banner. Applique Double Read correct on both sides. This 28″ x 40″ Open Banner is bright bubbly and attracts attention. All you retailers out there order yours today, our web site or in our retail store

New Open Flag


Flag-Works has brought in a new line of Open Flags. This 29″ x 42″ double appliqued flag has vibrant color to attract your clientele. Flag-works has a great stock of many other Open Flags that is right for your business. Visit the retail store or order yours on our web site

New Open Flag Designs

We have just added two more designs to our growing list of business open flags.  I think these two designs will help round out our current collection.

These flags are 28″x 40″ and are printed on a durable poly-nylon blended fabric.  They are fade resistant and colorfast.  As always as new designs come available we will show case them here.  Open flags are one of the most important promotions that a new or old business can successfully accomplish for very little money.  The flag not only says that you are open but in moves in various ways to say, Look! Look at Me! Over here! We are Open!  What other media can do that for under $30.00.   Remember Flag-Works flags ship free.  Check out our American flags they are the lowest on the internet.

Tried and True Open Flag is resurrected.

Open flagFlag-Works over America is bringing back an open flag from the past.  At one time this flag was always on hand, at Flag-Works, to ship to you the customer.  As time would have it, the flag became too costly to make so it was discontinued. With multiple requests for the flag  and none of our customers balking at the price we started thinking, custom open flags.  Hence, the decision to resurrected it from the past.  This small window flag is designed for main street stores to let the walk-in customer know if you are open or closed.  This is a high quality hand made custom applique flag.  We find the the 7″ x 18″ size to be perfect for hanging from the top of the door  and filling in the door frame just enough not to be overpowering, but just right. Other sizes are available. We will make the flag in your choice of material colors and thread color if you like.  The picture above seems to be the most popular color combination. Visit our new page custom open flags to see all the made to order open flags.

Flag-Works Has The Open Flags To Promote Your Business!

Well I received another phone call requesting an “open sign” today.  Of course as a flag shop I say “you mean a open flag right? They almost always say “yes a flag, one I can fly of the side of my building”.  I then answer “yes we have them, what design would you like?”  “The regular one” they say. 3x5' Red White and Blue Open flag“Hmm.” I mumble.
Well regular usually means the red white and blue stripe with open written horizontally on the white stripe, but that is just one design of the over 50 designs we have.   Well we were able to provide the customer with everything they needed to fly the open flag which consisted of an ultimate house bracket, a 6′ white spinning pole and a 3×5′ open flag which reads single reverse horizontally like the one pictured above.

When it comes to open flags Flag-Works try’s to have all the various designs available plus feather and blade flag designs. Some open banners have the word “open” read correctly from both sides of the flag were others only read correct from one side and read reverse from the other.  Each flag meets different needs and budgets for our customers.  Visit our online flag shop  for our your flag needs.

If you’re looking to increase foot traffic to your business, an open flag is a must-have. At Flag-Works, we offer a wide range of open flags to suit every need and budget. Whether you’re looking for a traditional red, white, and blue design or something more eye-catching, we’ve got you covered. Plus, with our high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, you can be sure your open flag will last for years to come. Visit our online flag shop today to find the perfect open flag for your business!

A few samples are below.

images/open_f5.jpgOpen cup of CoffeeOpen flag patriotic bannerimages/BF-OPENRWB_small.jpg