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Coming Soon To Our Stock! Thin Blue Line US.

Flag-Works Over America is proud to announce the Newest Flag in our stock! The 3×5 Thin Blue Line US has been placed in our inventory in honor of the fallen officers in America and all over the world. Our hearts and prayers are with the families and friends.   Thank you all who serve us to keep our freedom free! God Bless.

Blue Thin Line US (1)

Historic 2007 Flag-Works Catalog

CoverArt2007WEBpicture[1]Flag-Works has recently uploaded an old 2007 flag and flagpole catalog.  Even though this catalog is out of date we thought that our customers may see value in looking up old pricing.   This knowledge may help in making a current decision.  We also want to highlite that we will have a new 2014 catalog this spring.  Our last catalog was completed in 2007-2008.  That is a five year hiatus from publishing.

American flags in Parade

Looking for a Cover Photo Catalog Pages 6 and 7

American flags in Parade

Parade of flags

These pages (Page 6 and Page 7) are only price corrected.  As we get nearer to the conclusion of the price edits I will go back and look at the layout.  If anyone has some nice photos that they think may look nice for a cover send them my way. Here is what the 2008 cover  looked like.

2013 Flag-Works Catalog

The last time Flag-Works put out a catalog was in 2007-2008 our first catalog was produced in 1997.  If you still have one you will be happy to know that we have decided to make a new catalog for 2013.  First we are going to edit the prices of the old catalog. When each page is done it will be posted here on Flag-Works blog. Once all the prices are corrected we will add new items and spice  up the catalog.  We will be looking for ideas on a cover photo.  If you have any pictures you may want to submit them to  Thank you.  This is page two  Flag-Works 2013 Catalog page2  and three Flag-Works 2013 Catalog page3 of our American flag page.