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Zeus Fiberglass Flagpoles are made in New Hampshire, by PLP

Fiberglass flagpoles have gone through many changes. They have been rolled, pressed and pressurized. Zeus flagpole have contiunued to be manufactured right here in New Hampshire using the rolled process. This is a tried and true process allowing fiberglass flagpoles to be manufacture from 15 feet up to 8o feet. The big changes has been in the consistency of the layering and the finish.

Zeus’ Aeolus Series flagpoles,  offer a full line of choices to complement any project; ground set, anchor base, hinge base, outrigger, and vertical wall mount.  Aeolus flagpoles are rated at 125mph windspeeds, unflagged and are designed to meet or exceed NAAMM and AASHTO standards to ensure strength and stiffness.  Zeus offers the best fiberglass flagpole warranty available in the current market.

Zeus Aeolus flagpoles are the perfect choice for new construction, schools, parks, businesses, memorials, cemeteries, and everywhere quality and exceptional value matters!