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Solar Powered Pole Lighting

Flag-Works has Solar powered lighting that easily attaches to flag poles (as well as other outdoor structures), is adjustable and waterproof. Four super-bright white LED lighting are powerful for showcasing flags, commercial store signs, as well as real estate signs. They come in black or white. Order yours today or stop by our retail store


Memorial Day



All Gave Some, Some Gave All

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day from the staff here at Flag-Works

Armed Forces Day

Flag-Works has all Military Flags and Armed Forces Flag. Buy yours today to show your support for those that have served. Military Flag sizes range from 4″x 6″ up to 4′ x 6′.  Larger than that can be custom made. Armed Forces Flag range from 2’x 3′ thru 4′ x 6′. Armed Forces Day

Union Flag

The Union Flag (UK), which is the British National Flag, is also popularly  know as the Union Jack. It is called the Union Jack when it is on the Jack Mast at the bow of the ship that is at war. It is also know as the Royal Union Flag in Canada. The flag consist of three Crosses: Saint Andrew for Scotland, Saint Patrick for Ireland and Saint George for Kingdom of England.  The symbol of the Union flag is represented on many other territories and state flags. Order yours today at Made in the USA