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The World Flag

The World Flag is a vibrant and stunning flag which includes flag images from every country of the world and more.  The world flag is a unifying symbol inspiring positive global change. The flag embraces and celebrates cultural diversity. The flag also helps to raise awareness in education, human rights, world health and the environment.

The world flag organization says “The World Flag was created as a Visual Catalyst.  It fly’s a  unifying symbol inspiring positive global change while continuing to embrace and celebrate cultural diversity.”

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What Size American Flag, 5×8′?

If you want to fly a 5′ x 8′ American flag there are a few things you must consider. First, what size pole would accommodate a flag that is 40 sq ft.?Flagpole
This is a 25′ flagpole with 5×8 American flag flying. Use the guideline that the length of the flag should be from 1/4th to 1/3rd the height of the flagpole. (See flag size chart.)  This would make the appropriate flagpole either a 25′ or a 30′ flagpole. OK, now if you are considering flying two flags on your 25′ flagpole you need to take in consideration that 40 sq ft is what is recommended. So if you want a second flag you should use a 4′ x 6′ and a 3′ x 5′  (24 sq ft + 15 sq ft = 39 sq ft) flag combination. This scenario removes the 5′ x 8′ American flag from the 25′ flagpole. So, if you want to fly two flags and retain the 5′ x 8′ American flag size you would need a 30′ flagpole.  This pole allows for a 5′ x 8′ or a 6′ x 10′ American flag, or 60 sq ft.  This would then allow for a 5′ x 8′ American flag and a 4′ x 6′ state flag, 40 sq ft X 24 sq ft = 64 sq ft.  One more item to consider is the strength of you flagpole.  If the pole is a new one piece aluminum flagpole or a one piece fiberglass flagpole then no worries, but if the pole is old, thin, or decaying you should consider flying smaller flags.  With this knowledge choose how many flags you will be flying and your flagpole size, then get out and hoist some flags. 

Common size range chart 

15’          2’x3′ – 3’x5’
20’          3’x5 ’- 4’x6’
25’          4’x6’ –  5’x8’
30’          5’x8’ –  6’x10’
35’          6’x10’ – 8’x12’
40’          6’x10’ – 10’x15’
45’          8’x12’ – 10’x15’
50’          10’x15’ -12’x18’
60’          10’x15’- 15’x25’
70’          12’x18’ – 20’x 30’
80’          15’x25’-  20’x38’
90’          15’x25’ -20’x38’
100’        15’x25’ -30’ X 60’

Hotel Flags

To all the Hotels, Inns and Suites, we would like to be your supplier for hotel flags, American flags and state flags.  Radisson hotels flags  We have many styles and various sizes in stock.  The flags of major family’s of hotel company’s such as Marriott, Hyatt, Intercontinental (Holiday Inn), Choice and Hilton to name a few, are in stock or are ready to be made.  Most flags come in sizes 3×5′, 4×6′ and 5×8′ but some hotels want them up to 10’x15′. We can also applique or dye your hotel logo or any promotion onto nylon making any size flag you desire. Hyatt Hotel flags To help you see things our way we would like to present you with a special price. Visit Flag-Works over America today!  Special! Order all three, a hotel flag, an American flag and a state flag and receive 10% off those flags.