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Red Cross Flags Support Healthcare Workers

American Red Cross Flag

Red Cross flags have become synonymous with supporting our healthcare workers and The American Red Cross. We at Flag-Works support the great risk that these hero’s take day to day. Show your support today. No big article, just one big shoutout, Thank you healthcare workers and the American Red Cross!

Thank you healthcare workers

Happy Holidays One and All

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Kwanza may you all find wonderful ways to celebrate with your families this season.  We wish you all healthy, prosperous, and an awesome 2021! (anything is better than 2020)  

Flag-Works will close it’s retail store from 1pm on December 24th and remain closed through the week, and reopen on January 4th 2021.
We will have limited phone in and email support through the week from 10am to 5pm Monday thru Thursday.   Our website is always open.  

Winter Hours: Beginning in January our retail store will be open M-F 10-5 Closed Saturday and Sunday    

Merry Christmas Wreath Flag

Quality 3×5′ nylon printed, Merry Christmas Wreath, flag. Made in USA.

This flag in on sale. reduced $10.00 to $34.95 Selling out fast only three left. To purchase click on the link above.

Sold by

American Warriors

American Warriors Tee Shirts On Sale

We will never forget Tee Shirt

Front image of American Warriors tee shirt.

Show your support for the  American Warriors.  Advertise that you are a supportive of the hero’s that have paid the ultimate price, that have gone before, and the hero’s of the new war. Their sacrifice is not lost, to give us the freedom to be here today.

Flag-Works has the available sizes in medium and large, only.

Order your’s today for just $19.95 free shipping and tax free or come into our retail store.

Images are off tee shirts are black.

Back image of American Warriors tee shirt.

Only Medium and Large available Call now Flag-Works 800 580-0009 click this Tee shirt link

America Strong and First Responder Flags

First Responder Flag
America Strong Flag

These flags are to honor our first responders and all Americans in these dire times. Fly these flags with pride to let America know you care about your country. These flags can be purchase at

Zeus Flagpoles by PLP

Fiberglass flagpoles have gone through many changes. They have been rolled, pressed and pressurized. Zeus flagpole have contiunued to be manufactured right here in New Hampshire using the rolled process. This is a tried and true process allowing fiberglass flagpoles to be manufacture from 15 feet up to 8o feet. The big changes has been in the consistency of the layering and the finish.

Zeus’ Aeolus Series flagpoles,  offer a full line of choices to complement any project; ground set, anchor base, hinge base, outrigger, and vertical wall mount.  Aeolus flagpoles are rated at 125mph windspeeds, unflagged and are designed to meet or exceed NAAMM and AASHTO standards to ensure strength and stiffness.  Zeus offers the best fiberglass flagpole warranty available in the current market.

Zeus Aeolus flagpoles are the perfect choice for new construction, schools, parks, businesses, memorials, cemeteries, and everywhere quality and exceptional value matters!

Political Flags of the Times – Trump Flags

Political promotion has come in many styles, lawn signs, bumper stickers, endorsements, TV and radio advertisements, Tweets, Facebook, all forms of social media etc. Although flags have always been apart of the political landscape, with American flags being the predominant backdrop for the candidates, subliminally saying how patriotic they are. There are also political party flags, Independent, Republican and Democrat which have never received to much attention. However, I foresee advertising with flags having a big upsurge due to one political candidate.

Flags being used as a backdrop.

Donald Trump has created many one line phrases which work great on flags. “Make America Great Again” with bars and stars is a simple, crisp and clear message displayed on a white background. It is readable and instantly recognizable as a Trump flag. That design then works with almost any phrase such as “No More Bullshit” a line from one of Mr. Trumps speech “rally”.

A Line From a Rally/Speech

With this basic design People can be reminded of his accomplishments, his beliefs, and the attacks from his opposition as with the phrase “Promises Made Promises Kept” “God Family Country”, “No Collusion” All appealing to different members of his base supporters.

With the newest phrase “2020 Keep America Great” winning as his new slogan for this election cycle, I foresee many new slogan/flags in the near future.

2020 Slogan

Flag-Works as your flag supplier, will make sure we have all the political flags as they become available. Please consider that we will only promote American made flags. All the above flags are made in America on high quality 200 denier nylon.

What Makes A Quality Grave Marker Stick Flag

Economy Parade Stick Flag. Flag has a 5/16 by 30″ shaft, 3 staples, Plastic or small wooden spear top, flag material is poly-cotton no-frey (not hemmed)

Quality grave marker stick flag. 3/8 by 30″ wood shaft, stapled wood spear, four staples, poly-cotton American flag hemmed on four sides

View of staples, spear top hemmed, sides and shaft.

Many veterans groups and towns purchase grave markers for their veterans in the town cemetery. Flag-Works has been providing a quality made in America stick flag for that marker, since 1996. The points to note would be why a 3/8″ by 30″ shaft. Well these sticks either are pushed into the ground or placed in a grave marker. The thicker promotes less breakage when inserted in the ground. The grave marker holes to hold the flag are designed for the 3/8″ shaft. If you use the 5/16″ shaft the wind can easily blow the flag out of the holder. Having 4 staples assures the customer that the flag will stay attached to the shaft. The hemming of the edges assures a flag that will not frey and has a great presentation. A stapled on wood painted spear provides a top that will not come of with the rough handling of the flags, as most groups purchase the flag by the gross (144 flags per box). All the above should be taken into consideration when purchasing a grave marker stick flag.

New Military Logo Flags

Flag-Works Over America is proud to announce the Newest Flags in our stock! We are now proudly carrying the Army Star logo flag, the New Air Force logo flag and the Naval Academy logo flag. These logo speak for themselves. At this time we can only provide these Officially licensed products in the standard 3×5′ flag in our best nylon materiel with header grommets. Pick up your flag today at our retail store or order on line from our newly designed website.

US Air Force New Logo Flag
US Army Star Logo Flag
US Naval Academy Logo Flag

Thin Blue, Red, Red and Blue Line Flags

The Thin Red USA Flag

Flag-Works Over America is proud to announce the Newest Flags in our stock! We are now proudly carrying the Thin Blue Line (showing support and memory for fallen law enforcement), the Thin Red Line (showing support and memory for fallen firefighters) and the Thin Red & Blue Line (showing support and memory for both fallen law enforcement and firefighters).

Thin Blue USA Flag

Each one of these flags is made of nylon and has the red, blue or half red/half blue stripe as one of the stripes on the American Flag as depicted below. We also carry the Thin Blue Line with a black background and the blue stripe. These flags will show your support for the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their communities.

Thin Red and Blue USA Flag

All of the above mentioned flags can be found on our website, or in our retail store. Thank you to all whom serve and protect.