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Christian Flags

Christian Flag

Religious flags such as the Christian, Papal, Episcopal and Israel, Flag-Works has them from 4″ x 6″ to larger in most religious flags.

They come in Nylon which is very popular, Polyester and Cotton.We also have indoor set for the religious flags if you wanted to put them in your church or anywhere indoors.

Flag-Works is a tax free state and unmounted flags ship for free. Visit our website or visit our retail store. Made in the USA


The Beginning: Flag-Works 20 Years Ago

Flag-Works LogoFlag-Works has come a long way since its inception 20 years ago, but its the people we have serviced that really made Flag-Works grow into a successful business.  When I first purchase a room full of flags, I started selling them from the trunk of my car. The idea was to stop where ever I saw a faded or torn American flag and provide them with a replacement on the spot.  Well  my first stop, of course, was someone I knew.

That stop was at the time T&T Power, he purchase 4×6′ nylon American flag with sewn stripes and embroidered stars.  My firsts sale.  Thank you Bill.  Since then T&T power has successfully grown into a multi million dollar business now known at North Country Tractor Supply doing business selling John Deere tractors in Concord NH, Dover NH, Ossippi NH, Sanford Me.  Congratulation on your great success.

Okay, that sale was a setup.  Not the next one. I went 300 yards down the road, and saw two big  faded flags at Merriam Graves gas supply.  I walked in and sold them a 5×8′ US flag with sewn stripes and embroidered stars and a 5×8′ state of New Hampshire flag.  I then went out and lowered their faded flags and installed the new ones. Merriam Graves is now Airgas with multiple locations through out the area.  They are still a customer and we wish them well on their continued success.

I continued to travel the surrounding area knocking on doors and selling flags.

My first location was on the Second floor office above Bitz and Bytes computer.  A friend and I soon determined that I needed a location that was visible from the street and had windows.  That location,

202-204 South Main circa 2001

202-204 South Main circa 2001

204 South Main St. Concord NH, was conveniently located next to Vinnies Pizza (great pizza), which had plenty of parking and visibility.  However, I soon out grew that space, and added the location beside me. I was growing, sales in American Flags and decorative flags was brisk.

Fortunatly, I saw that custom flags should be a larger part of my work.  That happened.  We soon grew into on of the premiere custom applique manufacture in the country.  I’m not going to list them here but I will be creating a larger gallery on my website for them. To name a few, Raytheon, New Jersey Net, Post Cereals, Roger Williams University Etc.   Below are  index cards of our past customers flags.   More later.


Grave Marker Flags

Grave 1

Flag-Works provides quality made Grave Marker Flags. These grave marker flags are just the right size for the Veteran’s grave markers that are available in brass or plastic.  They are 12″ x 18″ all edges are sewn, mounted on 30″ wooden shaft with wooden gold finial. Cemetery flags are made using a poly/cotton material, are sewn (hemmed) on all four sides and are Made in America.

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Message Flags

Leasing Flag

Flag-works has all kinds of open flags or message flags as they are sometime called.   Samples of the various message flags are:  ANTIQUES, CAR WASH, GRAND OPENING, LEASING, MODEL, MODELS,  NOW LEASING, OPEN,(horizontal)  Open (vertical), OPEN HOUSE,  SALE, SALES, WELCOME.   If you don’t see the flag you are looking to buy please call with your request we probably have it or it can be custom made.   **Allow 2 weeks for delivery . Standard size flags are 3′ x 5′

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Washington State Flag

washington flag

The flag of the State of Washington consists of the state seal (which bears an image of George Washington) on a field of dark green. It is the only U.S. state flag with a field of green as well as the only state flag with the image of an American president.

In honor of George Washington, the first President of the United States, who was born on February 22, 1732. Colloquially, it is widely known as Presidents Day and is often an occasion to remember all the presidents, not just George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, whose birthday is also in February. The term”Presidents Day” was coined in a deliberate attempt to change the holiday into one honoring multiple presidents.

If you are looking for a Washington State flag, Flag-Works has sizes that range from 4″ x 6″ and larger. Visit our website or come into the retail store. Made in the USA

Custom Guidon Flag

Germantown Wrestling

Custom made 3′ x 5′ flag in a Guidon shape. This flag will be presented to the schools coach for a souvenir flag from his students that he has coached wrestling. What a great gift that will be presented to him.

Flag-Works can make any flag happen. Just think what this young man thought of, by buying a flag for his coach.

If you are looking for a company that deals with custom flags visit us first. We are a tax free retailer based out of Concord, NH

Visit our web site or come int the retail store


Military Guidon




Custom Guidon– Public Affairs for a local Military Facility in Vermont. This Guidon was in a need of a rush production and it happened. With in a day it was made and shipped to the customer.


Custom military guidons are made to military specifications.  All nylon custom guidons are 20″ X 27 3/4″ with letters/numbers reading correctly on both sides.  Finished with a pole hem and tabs.  Made to order.  Average lead time for a custom made guidon is 3-4 weeks.(note: When ordering Military Police and Quartermaster guidons please order by color choice see color chart)  If you do not see your service guidon listed please email or call 1-800-580-0009 for a quick quote on making the custom guidon.  Most unique custom guidons fall in the class A thru C price guides.



Washington’s Commander-in-Chief Flag

images (1)


Tradition tells us George Washington’s Commander-in-Chief Flag was the personal standard of the Commander of the Continental Army everywhere he went. The presence of the flag meant George Washington was there. It saw every battle and location that the Commander-in-Chief did during the Revolutionary War. It is unique due to its 6-pointed stars and was allegedly designed by Washington himself.

Why did Washington use 6-pointed stars? Some historians claim that Washington favored 6-pointed stars and that’s the reason he used them in his personal standard. Another possibility is that he was referencing the stars he wore as a general, which also had 6 points. Washington never wore more than 3 stars, but they did have 6 points. He also is known to have worn a light blue sash as a symbol of his authority. The blue sash and 6-pointed general stars may have been the source of the design for the flag. He simply made 13 stars to represent the 13 colonies.

Flag-Works has every Historical Flags. Check out our web site or visit our retail store. The Washington’s Commander In Chief’s Flag common size flag is a 3′ x 5′


Custom Guidon


Flag-Works has a greatIMG_20160204_113943 reputation with custom Guidon Flags. A lot of hard work goes in making theses Guidon Flags. We take great pride in every Custom Guidon or Military Guidon Flag that is made. If you are looking into having a Custom Guidon or Military Guidon Flag visit us, we would be glad to help in anyway.

16 Kennedy Lane

Concord, NH


Betsy Ross- Heritage Series

Image result for heritage betsy ross flag

Tea Dyed Heritage Betsy Ross Historical  Flag

The Tea Dyed Heritage Betsy Ross flag named after its alleged designer Betsy Ross. This Betsy Ross pattern was one of many in use from 1777 to 1795.  Although its authenticity has often been challenged, the Betsy Ross flag has become an American historical legend.

The Heritage Series product line combines unique handcrafted workmanship with a patented antiquing process that is a hallmark within the industry. Each item within the Heritage Series is 100 percent made in the U.S.A.

Offering both flags and patriotic products, all Heritage Series products are constructed of carefully chosen.

Order your Heritage Series Tea Dye Flags Today., Visit our retail store, or call 1-800-580-0009