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Massachusetts State Flag

Massachusetts was the 6th state admitted into the country in 1788.

Back of old flag


Massachusetts first had a flag that had a different design on each side.   In 1971, the Massachusetts state flag was changed and only depicts the original front design.  It is of a Native American on a blue shield.  He is holding a bow in one hand and an arrow in the other, pointed down to symbolize peace.  A crest above the shield shows an arm bent at the elbow, hand holding a sword.

Massachusetts Flag

This illustrates the Massachusetts state motto, “By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.”  These top quality Massachusetts Flags are made from heavy-duty, commercial grade outdoor 100% Nylon fabric for maximum durability. All flags are made in America. They are finished with  a strong heading and solid brass grommets for displaying the flag.   Mass state flags are also available in heavy duty polyester for longer life.  Visit Flag-works over America for all your flag needs.