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New Aluminum Grave Markers

A while ago I posted about custom bronze grave markers. This post is about aluminum grave markers. WWIIAluminum grave markers have been around for sometime know. However, most people and groups have chosen bronze. Bronze grave markers were always the first choice, but since the “difficult times” many people have been looking for alternatives. Hence, plastic grave markers saw a boom in sales at one fourth the price of bronze. Now plastic was good in a pinch however it still looked “cheap”. Now we have aluminum, as solid as bronze with a finish of bronze. A perfect marriage of low cost and good looks.  The aluminum grave markers also come in the 5 military branches, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and the Navy.

Marine Corps Aluminum Grave Marker

We also have Civil service markers for the fire departments  Police officers, and Registered Nurses RN.  Please  visit Flag-Works and get your aluminum grave markers today!



Custom Grave Markers

Custom Bronze Grave Marker

6" Oval 95th Infantry Division Marker custom grave marker

We have been providing many people and organizations with plastic and bronze grave markers over the years.  We are now able to offer custom bronze grave makers.  Whether you need one or hundreds we can get them for you.  The picture shows our newest custom grave marker which was made for the 9th Infantry. The 6″ Oval 95th Infantry Division Marker with Rod cost a little over $200 which is a fitting tribute to all whom served and are serving in that division.  Do you have an idea for a custom marker let us know we can get it done for you.