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Nylon Feather Flags

Nylon Feather Flags

Feather flags and blade flags are excellent for festivals, special events, shopping malls, real estate, apartments, hotels restaurants, race tracks sporting events and grand openings.  Feather flags are visible for miles.  Use one or line them up!

These 12’x26″ nylon feather flags are fully sewn (except black & white checkered design, it’s dyed).
The feather flag is designed with a pole sleeve to accept up to a 1 1/4″ outside diameter pole.  The flag comes with a leather tab that is sewn into the inside bottom portion of the header allowing a nylon flag tie (included) to secure the flag on to the pole.  These nylon feather flags are Made in the U.S.A.
These flags are sold individually or as a set.  The set would include the feather flag & a 15′ telescoping Superflex fiberglass flagpole as well as the PVC ground sleeve.  Click here to check them out: Nylon Feather Flags.  We have many stock styles to choose from.
Don’t see a stock feather flag you like?  Let us make a custom feather flag for you.  If you’d like a quote, please send your artwork along with quantity needed to

How About a New Fiberglass Flagpole?

What better way to fly a new American flag than on your new in-ground fiberglass flagpole.  Our fiberglass flagpoles are not only functional, but will add value and beauty to your home or business.  All of our fiberglass flagpoles are molded in one piece using the beautiful Greek Entasis taper design, the classical shape of a candle.  Fiberglass FlagpoleThe available options for these poles, either hinged base or ground sleeve, internal or external halyard, make this the ideal pole for any situation.  Flag-Works flagpoles have a maintenance-free gel-coat finish that will keep these poles from ever chipping, cracking, pitting, corroding, or rusting which makes this pole impervious to all weather conditions.
Ground Sleeve Versions are available in 20, 25, 30 & 35 ft lengths and are lightweight and easy to install.  These poles are strong and can withstand up to 120 mph winds, unflagged.  The flagpoles come with all necessary hardware: halyard rope, revolving truck (allows the flag to fly freely, without constant wrapping around the pole), finial, snap hooks, cleat, flash collar and ground sleeve.
Hinged Base Version are available in 20, 25, 30, 33, 35, 40, 50 & 60 ft lengths.  They are available in both internal & external halyards options.  A hinged base allows the pole to tilt down for easy installation & future rope replacement.  The hinged base poles come with all the necessary hardware: halyard rope, installation kit (hinged base, hardware & steel anchoring rods), revolving truck, cleat, snap hooks, finial and flash collar. 

Page 4-5 Flag-Works 2013 Catalog

Like I said in a previous post, when each page is done it will be posted here on Flag-Works blog. Once all the prices are corrected we will add new items and spice  up the catalog.  We will be looking for ideas on a cover photo.( Old 2009 Catalog Cover Art ) If you have any pictures you may want to submit them to  Thank you.  This is page four Flag-Works Catalog Page 4  and five Flag-Works Catalog Page 5 of our American flag page.

Flag-Works, Main Street, Back in Time

Flag-Works has been on Main St. Concord NH since 1996.

202-204 South Main St. Concord NH 2001

We first called main street home at 204 South Main St. This location was a building that at one time housed a laundry mat. (view to the left in the picture) While at 204 S. Main we expanded next door into 202 S. Main St. which housed a florist. (the entrance with the American flag above)

In 2002, we moved into our present location at 6 North Main St., the far side of the first white awning on the right, which previously was home to Annie’s book store and a cleaners.  We have two pictures of the 6 N. Main St. locations for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy them any comments would be appreciated. We also have included a picture looking up Main Street from pleasant street present day.  We will also add pictures of the  coming construction (scheduled in Sept. 2013) and when main street is completed. For those who don’t know, Flag-Work’s is the building with the white awnings on the right.

Main St. looking North

In this newest picture taken today, Flag-Works is the building on the right with the blue awning.  The old pictures are courtesy of Concord’s New Front door.

2013 Flag-Works Catalog

The last time Flag-Works put out a catalog was in 2007-2008 our first catalog was produced in 1997.  If you still have one you will be happy to know that we have decided to make a new catalog for 2013.  First we are going to edit the prices of the old catalog. When each page is done it will be posted here on Flag-Works blog. Once all the prices are corrected we will add new items and spice  up the catalog.  We will be looking for ideas on a cover photo.  If you have any pictures you may want to submit them to  Thank you.  This is page two  Flag-Works 2013 Catalog page2  and three Flag-Works 2013 Catalog page3 of our American flag page.

US Army Infantry Guidon the True Size

A finished Infantry guidon is displayed here.  This is a double sided read correct guidon. The guidon is made to military specifications.  After our customer orders a guidion and informs us to what company and other information is to be on the guidon we send them a proof.  The proof (click link) FW INFANTRY01 that our customer receives prior to Flag-Works making their Infantry guidon. The proof shows both sides of the guidon, this guarantees that the guidon will look exactly as required which is letters and numbers read correct on both sides and the insignia is single reverse.
The size of a guidon is determined by Institute of Heraldry, Departartment of the Army, Base drawing for US Army and US Air force Guidons  5-1-4  Revised 12 November 2002.  Description states:  A guidon is a swallow-tailed unit marker, 20-inch hoist by a 27 3/4-inch fly, the swallow-tail end forked 10 inches.  Fringe is not used on guidons.  Following the above guidelines insures that a Flag-Works guidon is made to Military specification and to the customers needs.  Please note that the Army regulations 840-10 and wikipedia states a guidon dimension is 20″ x 27″.  They are both in error.  The above information is straight from the Institute of Heraldry, today.  A new revision will be coming out to correct the Army Regs.  The schematic drawings that we use to make the guidons were never changed to 27″ and never will be.  Be careful you can’t always believe what you read. Ha, now do you believe me? If you would like proof please leave a comment and I will send you a copy of the schematic for the guidons.

New Open Flag Designs

We have just added two more designs to our growing list of business open flags.  I think these two designs will help round out our current collection.

These flags are 28″x 40″ and are printed on a durable poly-nylon blended fabric.  They are fade resistant and colorfast.  As always as new designs come available we will show case them here.  Open flags are one of the most important promotions that a new or old business can successfully accomplish for very little money.  The flag not only says that you are open but in moves in various ways to say, Look! Look at Me! Over here! We are Open!  What other media can do that for under $30.00.   Remember Flag-Works flags ship free.  Check out our American flags they are the lowest on the internet.