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Betsy Ross- Heritage Series

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Tea Dyed Heritage Betsy Ross Historical  Flag

The Tea Dyed Heritage Betsy Ross flag named after its alleged designer Betsy Ross. This Betsy Ross pattern was one of many in use from 1777 to 1795.  Although its authenticity has often been challenged, the Betsy Ross flag has become an American historical legend.

The Heritage Series product line combines unique handcrafted workmanship with a patented antiquing process that is a hallmark within the industry. Each item within the Heritage Series is 100 percent made in the U.S.A.

Offering both flags and patriotic products, all Heritage Series products are constructed of carefully chosen.

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National History Day

National History Day – Historical Flags by Flag-Works

Did you know that Flag-Works has a great selection of historical flags that have great meaning behind them? Some of our more popular historical flags are: Betsy Ross, Bennington, Gadsden, Stars and Stripes and Bunker Hill.

National History Day provides an opportunity for students to push past their antiquated view of history as mere facts and dates and drill down into historical contents to develop perspective and understanding. Buy today and show and tell with your students.

Betsy Ross 13 Star Flag Bennington Flag Gadsden  Flags and Flag Gifts Star Spangled Banner Flag - 15 Star 


A Betsy Ross Flag Poem

Betsy’s Battle-Flag
Minna Irving

From dusk till dawn the livelong night
She kept the tallow dips alight,
And fast her nimble fingers flew
To sew the stars upon the blue.
With weary eyes and aching head
She stitched the stripes of white and red.
And when the day came up the stair
Complete across a carven chair
Hung Betsy’s battle-flag.


Like shadows in the evening gray
The Continentals filed away,
With broken boots and ragged coats,
But hoarse defiance in their throats;
They bore the marks of want and cold,
And some were lame and some were old,
And some with wounds untended bled,
But floating bravely overhead
Was Betsy’s battle-flag.


When fell the battle’s leaden rain,
The soldier hushed his moans of pain
And raised his dying head to see
King George’s troopers turn and flee.
Their charging column reeled and broke,
And vanished in the rolling smoke,
Before the glory of the stars,
The snowy stripes, and scarlet bars
Of Betsy’s battle-flag.


The simple stone of Betsy Ross
Is covered now with mould and moss,
But still her deathless banner flies,
And keeps the color of the skies.
A nation thrills, a nation bleeds,
A nation follows where it leads,
And every man is proud to yield
His life upon a crimson field
For Betsy’s battle-flag!


Our Flag

Our flag is a very special flag, it shows that we are American.  It has 13 stripes and fifty stars.  Along time ago people have only discovered 13 states.  So they made a flag that had 13 stripes and 13 stars. As they adopted new states, they kept making new flags.  For every state they adopted they added a star.  Soon enough there were 50 stars on the flag. The flag still had 13 stripes.  It stayed that way for the original 13 states.

Liberty D. Page

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