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Air Force Guidons for Edwards Air Base

Flag-Works over America has been commissioned to make Air Force guidons for the 412 MDG unit at Edwards Air base. The Guidons have a blue field with two swallow tails and an eagle in the center. The numbers above the eagle designate the parent unit and the alphabetical portion below the eagle designates the squadron. (click to view proof FW Airforce17a)  All of our guidons such as, Calvary, Military Police, and Infantry are made to military specifications using two pieces of nylon (no patches) for the designation to be read correct both sides and the insignia is sewn through the nylon to create a single reverse insignia, all per specifications.  Flag-Works has been making Military guidons for over 16 years.  We have made many custom guidons and many standard for almost every branch of service.  A list of some are: Signal Corps guidon, Armor guidon, Medical Corps guidon, Corps of Engineers guidon, Quartermaster corps guidon, Ordnance guidon, Special Forces guidon, Chemical Corps guidon, Anti Air Craft guidon, Field Artillery guidon, Air Defense guidon , JAG guidon, Marine Corps guidon, (Rectangle shape) and Transportation guidon.  If I missed any we can make it.