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Landscaping with Flagpoles or Where should I put the flagpole?

When you purchase a flagpole to fly the American flag you should consider the installation as a landscaping project. First take a look at your yard and home in combination with garage and driveway, the big picture.

 Now ask the question, where should I put the flagpole?  Remember balance!  Different height flagpoles will look better at different distances from the home.  Some homes lend their features to the right or left of the home, some right in front, with others in front of the breeze way. All in all this is you first and main consideration. Please consider the first and second rule when determining a location.

First rule: Flagpole should not put the flag above the roof line.  Certainly a 35′ flagpole in front of a small ranch will not look as good as a 35′ flagpole just off the side of the same house creating its own display with maybe a garden around the flagpole.  Second rule: Keep the flagpole away from obstructions, ie tree branches, gutters etc.  With this rule remember trees grow. After flagpole installation remember to dress up the base of the flagpole with your choice of vegetation from landscaping blocks, flowers to bushes.  Let your imagination go!Home with Flagpole For all your flag and flagpole needs visit Flag-Works over America

What Size Residential Flagpole

What size flagpole should I install at my home?

Fiberglass flagpole

Northwood Little League

It depends, most residential flagpoles are between 20′ and 30′ and made of either aluminum or fiberglass.  The height of the home and the location helps in determining the right size.   When the flagpole will be located near the home be sure the flag won’t fly too far above the roof, otherwise the flagpole isn’t really seen as a part of the landscape.  If you took a picture of your home from the driveway entrance, the complete pole and flag should be seen in the photograph.  When a flagpole is installed in it’s own area such as a field or garden, any height goes.  The decision is usually determined by your pocketbook and how large of a statement you’d like to make.  A 40′ white fiberglass flagpole with a 10’x15′ American flag, surrounded by colorful flowers makes a beautiful display and says a lot.