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Flag-Works provides quality made Aluminum Telescoping Flagpoles. Aluminum Poles are telescoping and are great for long or short-term displays whether using it for tailgating, parties, businesses, trade shows, fairs, festivals or just put in your yard. Aluminum Poles have high range height of  up to  15, 20, and 23 feet.  Aluminum Poles are lightweight and easy to transport. Perfect for flying a traditional flag.They are available in Silver, White and Bronze. Accessories that also can be purchased Locking Clamp, Wheel Stand, Hitch Mount, Dock Mount and Wall Mount. Made in the USA!!    Order Your’s Today!

Telescoping Flagpole Design
• Easy-lock system
• Extends and locks in place in seconds
• High strength aluminum alloy 6000 series with T6 Temper
• Architectural hard anodize finish
• Large diameter tubing
• No ropes to wear or tangle
• Eazy-off split swivels for easy replacement
• Stainless steel hardware
• Portable
• Maintenance free
• 7 year warranty
Flagpole Kit Includes the Following:
• Flagpole
• Swivel Rings to fly two flags or one at half-mast
• Snaps
• Ground sleeve
• 3” Gold anodized ball
• 3’ x 5’ U.S. flag with embroidered stars, 100% nylon, double stitched
• Instruction sheet and Warranty Card

Silver                          White                            Bronze

Silver Telescoping Aluminum flagpole down                       

Silver Telescoping Aluminum flagpole            White telescoping pole up           Bronze telescoping flagpole up


Made in America

All of Flag-Works over America’s American flags are made in America, but what does that mean?  Three little words with a lot of meaning “Made in America”. Let’s see if I can list a few of the meanings.  Feel free to add any of your own meanings as I’m sure I cannot list them all.

  1. Patriotism
  2. Looking out for your neighbor and country
  3. Jobs
  4. American dollars
  5. American dollars staying in America
  6. Booming economy
  7. Employment
  8. Less unemployment
  9. Quality
  10. Less homeless
  11. Less poverty
  12. More good jobs
  13. Higher earnings
  14. American manufacturing boom
  15. Add your own

If everything feasibly possible was made in America our country would be in great shape.