Wyoming State Flag

Wyoming State Flag
Wyoming (WY) was the first state to give women the right to vote and hold public office, an event that is commemorated on its flag with the woman in the picture and the banner that she holds proclaiming “Equal Rights.” The two dates on the seal signify the organization of territorial government and the state’s later admission to the Union. The number 44 shows that Wyoming was the 44th state. The two men represent ranching and mining in early times. The flag was designed by A. C. Keyes, who had originally put the buffalo facing the other direction. Wyoming State Flag Adopted: 1917

The present day flag can be purchased at quality full service flag stores like Flag-Works over America in Concord NH.   The flags range in size from 4”x6” to 10’X15’ however the most common size in the 3’x5’, perfect for flying at home or your business. Wyoming state flags can be supplied in either heavy duty nylon or 2 ply woven polyester.  Both can withstand the harsh Wyoming weather that Wyoming has to offer. Flags ship free!

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