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Individual Signal Flags

What does this spell?

For those familiar with the International Code of Signals this would be simple.  For those with no experience it might as well be a foreign language.  All and all the signals spell  “FLAG” the signals used to spell this are “F-Foxtrot, L-Lima, A-Alfa, G-Golf”.  The international code of signals consist of 40 flags and pennants.  There are the alphabet (26 letters)  there are 10 numbers (0-9) three repeaters pennants and one code answering pennant.  Our code flags are made in America (not Sri Lanka or China) of nylon in all the approved colors.  We offer the signals as a complete set with carry bag or individually.    So for those who have a boat, camp, yardarm these make great displays when spelling simple terms.  The signals come in various sizes from Size 0, 1′ x 1 1/4′ to Size 14, 4′ x 6′ either with ash toggle, brass snaps and rings or brass grommets.

Each signal also has a phrase associated with it such as M-Mike means “I am stopped” or L-Lima “Stop Instantly”. For a full list of the signal flags visit Flag-Works over America.