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New ISO 14001:04 Flags

S83 ISO 1400104-3X5-V1 DN







Addresses the environmental issues concerning the organization and extended to its surrounding.

ISO 14001:2004 is to demonstrated sand environmental performance by controlling the impact of the organization’s activities, products or services on the environment, taking into account their environmental policy & objectives.

ISO 14401:2004 is a new standard (late 1996) for Environment Management Systems. It is based upon ISO 9000 family of specification. The policy and objectives addresses issues related to

(i) Pollution of air, water and land.

(ii) Depletion of natural resources.

Benefits :

1. Reduction of waste hence cost savings.

2. Improved overall performance & efficiency

3. Better public perception of the organization to improved sales.

4. Reduction of impact of your activities, leading to more community support.

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