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48 Star American Flag

I was just given a forty eight star (48) American flag by my wife.  I think it is beautiful.

48 star wool american flag

48 Star Wool Flag

The flag which belonged to her grandfather, Paul Woody, was given to her by her father, Ned Woody.  Her grandfather did not fly the flag on a flagpole. Instead he flew the flag in the window to show patriotism during World War II.  This agrees with the fact that there is no wear at the fly end.

The flag is made using wool as many old flags were. The stripes are sewn and the stars are appliqued (sewn)

Applique Star Closeup

Applique Star


As you can see many holes perforate this flag (I guess they didn’t use inhibitors back then).

Holes in American flag

Holes in American flag





The label is Washington Wool.

48 Washington Wool

Washington Wool Label

If anyone knows if this was a company or just a label for the material please shoot me an email I would love to know.

PS  We can make any American flag with any size star field in nylon or cotton.  Sorry no wool.