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Attack on Paris


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Blue represents: Liberty

White represents: Equality

Red represents: Fraternity



The attacks in Paris, according to French President Francois Hollande, represent “an aggression against our country, against our values, against its youth and its way of life.”

Using automatic weapons and explosive devices on Friday, three well-organized teams of assailants targeted six sites across Paris, including the national stadium, a crowded concert hall and several restaurants. The Islamic State took responsibility for the attack and in a speech before both houses of Parliament; French President François Hollande said that France “was at war.”

Flag-works is sending their deepest condolence to all those who have lost and experience this tragedy that has taken place by terrorist.

As Paris is going through the same that we had experience many years ago, let’s give them our support buy the French Flag and fly it today.

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Texas State Flag

The Lone Star state is the only state that has flags in size 30′ x 60′ ready to go.  This goes right along with the saying everything is bigger in Texas.   At one time, Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederacy and the United States have all flown flags over Texas. They encompass the six flags of Texas.  The Texas flag itself, consists of 

Texas flag

The Lone Star

a large white star that was first used on flags carried by Texas during the Texas Revolution against Mexico in the 1830s.  It is thought that the star comes from the Bonnie Blue Flag used in 1810 by the Settlers in West Florida. An official flag with this star was chosen in 1839, although during the Civil War, the Confederate flag was flown.  The flag’s color blue stands for loyalty, white for purity and red for bravery.

Texas State Flag Adopted:  1839

The 28th state, admitted 1845