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How to Prevent Premature Flag Failure

Attention Attention Attention
Your American Flag deserves your attention.  Watch the corners of the “fly end” for the first signs of wear.  Trim off the worn hem and re-hem the end.  It’s perfectly proper, and when done promptly and can extend the life of your flag.

High Winds (80 on the highway is breaking the speed limit)

When your flag is flown in high winds something has to give. Common sense should tell you your flag is working to hard. Take your flag inside.  Also, wind velocity is higher at the top of your flagpole.
Rain Rain Go Away
The added weight of moisture causes the flag to snap harder and wear out sooner.

High winds and rain can beat some of the dye out of flag fabrics and cause color migration. This can happen to even the best of flags.  (If your flag suffers color damage due to storm exposure, prompt washing in a mild detergent may remove the discoloration.)
Time to Take a Bath
Keep your flags clean. Dirt is sharp it cuts fabrics, dulls colors and wears out your flag sooner. Most outdoor flags can be washed.  Give your flag a bath in mild detergent and rinse thoroughly.  Indoor flags and parade flags should be dry cleaned.

Don’t Wet the Bed

Never store your flag wet.  Dry the flag by hanging it neatly and evenly to dry.  Wet fold creases are hard to get out and dampness ruins fabrics and causes mildew.
Of Rust and Care
Flagpole care and flag care go hand and hand.  Rusty, pock marked poles chafe and tear flag fabrics and stitching. Rust scale can cause permanent stains.  Please keep your flagpole in good condition.

Thanks to the now defunct Dettra Flag company for the above guidance.