Coming Together

Coming together- At the 2013 Boston Marathon I have always thought highly of those who can run for such a great distance without stopping. When I found out that my sister was taking part in this event I could only wonder about the strength and commitment it would take for one person to compete in such an event. On the day of the marathon I wondered if I would hear her name on the radio or see her face on the television. That afternoon I called to see how things were going and when I found out there had been a bombing in the vicinity of where my sister was my excitement turned to fear. So many thoughts raced through my mind. Once I found out that my sister and those who were with her cheering her on were okay my mind was somewhat settled.  I then turned on the TV only to see mass destruction but also to see people complete strangers running to one another’s aid. What I saw on the screen was that of people coming together despite the danger to save and protect each other. Through all the destruction and hysteria I saw many American flags still flying high holding strong, despite the attempts of someone to bring down everything that I felt America is, bring down the people, the buildings, the overall togetherness the flags still hold strong just like the people did and always will do in a time on need sturdy, strong, together are we just like that of a strong American made polyester flag.

Flag Hunter

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