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American Flags
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American Flags

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State Flags


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Military Flags

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American Flag
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All American Series

Complete Steel Flagpole made in America

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5 Stripe fan

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4th of July decorations
Barber Blade Flag

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Sentinel Home Sets

Special House Mounted Set
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 Includes a 3'x5' American Flag


20' Flag pole Kit

Includes an American Flag

20' Flag pole Kit


 Indoor Flag Sets
America Flag Indoor Sets

Open Flags
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Custom ISO Flags
Military Guidons

Military Guidons

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Stick Flags

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Historical Flags
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Feather Flags
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Sports Flags

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Evolution of the
 American Flag
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Religious Flags

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Desk Flags
Desk Flags
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Support Our American
Troops Flags
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Chrome Automobile
Parade Accessories
Plastic Grave Markers  Bronze Grave Markers
Plastic                 Bronze
Grave Markers

Heirloom Flag Cases
Heirloom Flag Cases, Urns, Display Cases & Accessories
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Military Stick
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Live Free or Die T-Shirt

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The World Flag


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Nautical Flags


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More Information About Flag-Works Over America:

Flag-Works flag store supplies American flags, State flags, Military flags, Desk flags, Military Guidons, International flags, Historical flags, Confederate flags, Indoor American Flag Sets, Custom flags, Fiberglass flag poles, Aluminum flag poles to people and businesses all over the world!

Flag-Works has produced many catalogs thru the years.  We have put our 2007 catalog on our site for your viewing pleasure. Our new 2014 flag and flagpole calendar will be uploaded when it is completed.

Flag-Works Over America has been established since 1996, our retail store is located in Concord, NH.  We are a full line provider of American Flags, State, Country, Message, Military Flags and Custom Flags and Banners, Flag poles and Flag pole Accessories

American Flags:  Our American Flags are made in America.  Our American flags are NOT imported.  Our American Flags are made with embroidered stars and beautifully sewn stripes to display a strong sense of American Pride.  Sizes range from 2”x3” to 30’x60’.

  • Flags Our Nylon Flags are made of 200-denier SolarMax nylon.  This allows the flag to fly in the slightest of breeze.  Polyester Flags:  Our polyester flags are made using 100% spun polyester 2 x 2 woven construction intended for use in extreme weather conditions or high wind areas.  Because Polyester flags are heavier than Nylon flags, they may not fly in the slightest of breezes.  Cotton flags for the traditionalist in all of us.  Military Flags:  Have authentic insignias and logos and are dyed in brilliant colors onto 100% nylon, they read correct on one side and as a mirror image on the reverse.  State Flags:  Are available in either Nylon or Polyester.  Our State Flags are colorfast to the sun and rain and are of brilliant colors.  All intricate emblems are faithfully and accurately reproduced in fine detail.  International Country Flags:  Are dyed in sharp, long lasting, accurate colors, available in Nylon.  Historical Flags:  Our Historical Flags are authentic historical flags that are reproduced either out of 100% nylon or cotton.  Confederate Flags Are beautifully dyed on 100% nylon.  Other Flags: Stick Flags, Hand held flags, Cemetery Flag and Religious Flags.   Open Flags, Message, Attention Flags, Sports and Nautical Flags. We also carry an assortment of Decorative, 3x5 Boutique Flags and Garden Flags. 

  • Flagpoles We carry a variety of different flagpoles.  Indoors, outdoors, wood, aluminum and fiberglass flagpoles.  In stock and ready for delivery.  Our In ground flagpoles are available in either internal or external halyards and also available in a variety of colors and sizes and they looks great flying one of our American Flags.  Also available, trucks, halyard rope, snap hooks, flagpole finials, eagles, cleats, retainer belts, weights, lock boxes and solar power flagpole light.

  • Custom:   Flags, Banners, Table Banner, Avenue Banners, Streamers, Military Guidons and Military Battalion Flags.  We can take your corporate business logo, personal artwork, or any other idea you have and create a custom flag or banner just for you!  They are made to your specifications and artwork.  They can be done in variety of different constructions: Appliquéd, Screen Printed, 4 Color Process, Acid Dyed & Digital Print.  Materials available are Nylon, 600-Denier Polyester, Dacron, Sunbrella and Vinyl.  You can email, fax or bring in to our retail store, your design and we can quote it for you.  See Custom Flags and click on Quote form or the email link, or you may contact us by phone.

  • Indoor & Parade Accessories:  Indoors - we carry a complete line of American and State Indoor Sets.  We also carry floor stands – weighted, un-weighted and portable.  Oak poles, pole tops in brass and Val-Lex.  Tassels and Rain Covers. Flags are available with pole hem and fringe for indoor display and parades.  Parade – we carry parade poles lightweight and adjustable.  Crossbars, Gloves and Carrying Belts in leather or web.

  • Other Items:  Other items that we carry and are available are Desk Flags and Stands for Desk Flags; Grave Markers – which are available in Brass or Plastic; American Stick Flags in a variety of sizes and sewn and not sewn edges; Military & POW/MIA patches and stickers; American Flag patches – Left or Right; Decals 3.5x5” available in USA, States, Territories, Countries, Military, Confederate and Religious.  Auto Flags, Ribbon Magnets and Ceremonial Cases.

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