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Alamo flag, Alamo flags
Alamo Flag
Nylon 3x5' $49.95
Nylon 4x6' $99.95
Nylon 5x8' $165.95
Nylon 6x10' $238.95
Bennington Flag, Bennington flags
Bennington Flag
Historical Information

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Bennington Flag
British Red ensign flag, Cromwell flag
Historical British Red Ensign Flag


Nylon 3x5' $46.95
Nylon 4x6' $99.95
Nylon 5x8' $165.95 
Nylon 6x10' $248.95
Calvary guidon
Cavalry Guidon
Nylon 3x5' $41.95
Come and Take It flag
Come & Take It Flag
Nylon 3x5' $47.95
Nylon 4x6' $99.95
Nylon 5x8' $165.95
Nylon 6x10' $248.95

C.S.A. Jack "Battle Flag

other Confederate Flags

Cross of Burgundy Flag, Cross of Burgundy flags
Cross of Burgundy Flag
Nylon 3x5' $39.95
Culpepper flag, Culpepper flags
Culpepper Flag
Nylon 3x5' $41.95
First Navy Jack Flag, First Navy Jack Flags
First Navy Jack Flag History

Nylon 3x5' $41.95
More Sizes
Betsy Ross Flag, Betsy Ross Flags
First Stars and Stripes Flag
Betsy Ross Flag

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 Betsy Ross Flag 

Fort Moultrie Flag, Fort Moultrie Flags
Fort Moultrie Flag
Nylon 3x5' $39.95

French Fleur de Lis flag, French Fleur-De-Lis FlagsFrench Fleur de Lis flag, French Fleur-De-Lis Flags
French Fleur-De-Lis Flag
Nylon 3x5' $41.95  Blue
Nylon 3x5' $48.95  White

Gadsden Flag, Gadsden Flags, Don't tread on me flag
Gadsden Flag

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Gadsden Flag

General Lee's HQ Flag, General Lee's HQ Flags
General Lee's HQ Flag
Nylon 3x5' $39.95  
Grand Union Flag, Grand Union Flags, Continental colors
Grand Union Flag
(Continental colors)
Nylon 3x5' $41.95
Green Mountain Boys Flag, Green Mountain Boys Flags
Green Mountain Boys Flag
Nylon 3x5' $49.95  
Nylon 4x6' $99.95
Nylon 5x8' $99.95

Nylon 6x10' $248.95

Guilford Courthouse Flag, Guilford Courthouse Flags
Guilford Courthouse Flag
Nylon 3x5' $42.95 
Jolly Roger Flag, Jolly Roger Flags, Pirate flag
Jolly Roger Flag

Nylon Jolly Roger 2x3' $24.95
Nylon Jolly roger 3x5' $34.95

Embroidered Patch click here

Lord Baltimore Flag, Lord Baltimore Flags
Lord Baltimore Flag
Nylon 3x5' $42.95

New England Flag, New England Flags, Bunker Hill flag
New England Flag
(Bunker Hill)

Nylon 3x5' $41.95 
Pine Tree Flag, Pine Tree Flags
Pine Tree Flag See Bargain Flag Loft
Nylon 3x5' $47.95  
Rhode Island Regiment flag, Rhode Island Regiment Flags
Rhode Island Reg. Flag

Nylon 3x5' $41.95
royalspain.jpg (3281 bytes)
Royal Standard of Spain Flag
Nylon 2x3' $29.95 (only 1 left)
Nylon 3x5' $41.95
St. Georges Cross
St Georges Cross Flag
Nylon 3x5' $41.95
Serapis Flag
Nylon 3x5' $42.95
Sons of Liberty Flag, Sons of Liberty Flags
Sons of Liberty Flag
Nylon 3x5' $43.95
Star Spangled Banner Flag, Star Spangled Banner Flags
Star Spangled Banner Flag
Nylon 3x5' $41.95
Taunton Flag, Taunton Flags
Taunton Flag
Nylon 3x5' $42.95
Union Civil War Flag, Union Civil War Flags, Ft. Sumter flag
Union Civil War Flag
(Ft. Sumter)

Nylon 3x5' $39.95
Union Jack (Kings Colors)
Union Jack Flag
(Kings Colors)

Nylon 3x5' $41.95  
Washington's Commander-In-Chief flag

Washington's Commander-In-Chief Flag
Nylon 3x5' $57.95 
Washington Cruisers flag, Washington Cruisers flags
note: background is white

Washington Cruisers Flag
Nylon 3x5' $42.95  
Comodore Perry flag, Comodore Perry flags
Commodore Perry Flag
Nylon 3x5' $48.95

Cowpens Flag
Nylon 3x5' $42.95 
13-49 Star Flags
(Close up of Canton)
Evolution of the
 American Flag


Historical information on various Historical Flags

Bennington Flag

The earliest known flag of 13 stars and 13 stripes is the one which flew over the Battle of Bennington in August of 1777, by the Vermont Militia,  fortunately, it is still preserved today in the museum at Bennington, Vermont.  as in many other flags from that era, the Bennington flag has unexpected differences from the flag we love today.  the first flag law did not indicate exact details of colors, proportions, star arrangement, etc.  since all flags were mad by hand, each flag was more or less different from all others.  No one today knows why the figure 76 was added in the canton.  While the stars have have 7 points, other Revolutionary flag' stars vary from 4 to 8 points. The first Stars and Stripes to lead American armed forces on land.


Named after its alleged designer. This pattern was one of many in use from 1777 to 1795. Although its authenticity has often been challenged, this flag has become an American historical legend.


This flag, often incorrectly shown with the blue field, was the final version of the famous New England flag, which was carried at the Battle of Bunker Hill on 17 June, 1775.


This flag stood for the minutemen from Culpepper, Virginia, part of Colonel Henry's 1st Virginia Regiment of 1775.

This is a popular variation of the United States Naval ensign which used the rattlesnake devise, first employed by Benjamin Franklin, and its well known warning - “DON’T TREAD ON ME.”


This flag is also know as the Betsy Ross 13 Star flag was commissioned by the first US Congress in 1777.  Representing the union of the original 13 states in the new constellation, it is an enduring symbol of America and remains today a legal flag approved for use on all flag displaying holidays.


This flag is believed to have been introduced by Jacques Cartier to North America as early as 1534.  Several famous French explorers such as Champlain and La Salle carried it.

The flag of the first commander of the U. S. Navy, Esek Hopkins. It takes the popular name from Colonel Christopher Gadsden, who gave replica of the original to the S.C. Provincial Congress.


By superimposing six white stripes on the British red ensign, the colonists created the first national flag of the United States, properly called the CONTINENTAL COLORS, USED FROM 1775 TO 1777.


This flag was one of the military colors used by British colonial troops after 1743.  As the British Union Flag it was the standard raised by the Jamestown settlers in 1607.  The design originated from the combination of St. George Cross with the Scottish Cross of St. Andrew.

This flag flew over Fort Moultrie in the harbor at Charleston, South Carolina, during the unsuccessful British attack on 28 June, 1776. It became part of the current South Carolina state flag.


This typical regimental color of the Revolution combines a state symbol, the anchor, with a national symbol, thirteen gold stars. The original flag is still in Providence, RI.


This flag is also known as the Lions and Castles Flag accompanied Christopher Columbus on his voyage to the new world.  Spanish explorers who followed Columbus spread it throughout Spain's new colonies.

This flag was carried to the New World by most of the early English explorers.  Its use can be traced back to 1277 in Britain.

The fifteen stars and fifteen stripes of this battered banner inspired Francis Scott Key to write our national anthem during the bombardment of Fort McHenry in 1814.


The first vessels in the American Navy, commissioned by George Washington in 1775, flew a pine tree flag of New England with motto, “AN APPEAL TO HEAVEN.”


This was the personal flag of the Commander-In-Chief during the Revolutionary War. A reproduction of this flag flies today at Washington's Headquarters, Valley Forge.

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