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Aire Art Feather Flags, 12' x 32" Flag Set

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Aire Art Blade Flags, 12' x 32" Flag Set

Item Numbers: 7480300, 7480299, 7480301, 7480302, 7480303, 7480304, 7480305, 7480306, 7480307, 7480308, 7480309, 7480311

Feather Arte flutter flags complete sets are festive, colorful, gets attention, flutters and ripples in the slightest breeze.  12'x32" nylon flutter flags are finished with a simple pole hem on the 20' hoist using a reinforced closed top and a Velcro tab and reinforced grommet at the bottom to secure flutter flag to pole.  Available for immediate delivery.

Complete set includes Feather Arte flutter flag, Aire Arte fiberglass 8' to 21' telescoping pole and ground sleeve.

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