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Aire Art Feather Flags, 12' x 32

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Air Art Blade Flags, 12' x 32

Item Numbers: 7480100, 7480099, 7480101, 7480102, 7480103, 7480104, 7480105, 7480106, 7480107, 7480108, 7480111, 7480109

Feather Arte Flutter flags are festive, colorful, get attention and flutter and ripple in the slightest breeze.  12'x32" nylon flutter flags are finished with a simple pole hem on the 20' hoist using a reinforced closed top and a Velcro tab and reinforced grommet at the bottom to secure flag to a pole.  Available for immediate delivery.

Fits pole from 14' to 20'. Flagpole not included.

Price Breaks available when ordering 6 or more of one style.

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