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Bonnie Blue Confederate Flags

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Bonnie Blue Flag

Item Numbers: 060279, 35231670, 060281, 060282

As the secession crisis intensified, the Bonnie Blue flag gradually became the unofficial banner of independence and self-government for the Southern states. It waved prominently at political rallies and parades and flew in Montgomery, Ala., while the first Confederate Congress was in session.

Flag-Works provides quality made Confederate flags that are made of 100% Nylon.  The Bonnie Blue Flag is the first unofficial flag of the confederacy from the early 1800's.  Add these beautiful historical reproductions of the Confederate Flags to your collection or give as a gift.  Most flags are 100% nylon (unless otherwise noted) and are finished with a white canvas heading and brass grommets.  Order your Bonnie Blue flag today. Didn't find your flag, give us a call. All Flags made in the United States.