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1851 - 1858 - 31 Star Old Glory Flag

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1851 - 1858 - 31 Star Old Glory Flag

Item Numbers: FW060038, FW060116, FW060194

In 1851, CA was added for 31 stars total.

Whatever your reason for flying an "older" flag, it is important to note that no U.S.A. flag ever becomes obsolete. Each is still a legal flag and is entitled to the same respect shown the current flag. It is your choice to decide if one of these is appropriate for you to display.

Old Glory Evolution Flags are made of nylon, but cotton is available, please call for quote.

These Flags are Custom Made (allow 4 weeks for delivery). All evolution flags are made with sewn stripes and appliquéd stars

20 States: CT, DE, GA, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NC, NY, PA, RI, SC, VA, KY, VT, IN, LA, MS, OH, TN, IL, AL, ME, MO, AR, MI, FL, TX, IA, WI, CA

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