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Yacht Ensigns

We have most International courtesy flags and small State flags in stock.

Yacht Ensigns Flags by Flag-Works over America.  Yacht Ensigns Flags are available in a variety of sizes.  We carry Yacht Ensigns, Power Squadron Flags, US Union Jacks, and Cost Guard Auxiliary Flags.  Yacht Flags have an Embroidered or Sewn design with sewn stripes.

Custom club burgees are a specialty of ours.

Call 1-800-580-0009  or email Custom@flag-works.com


Yacht Ensigns
Item # Size Description Order   Each
12227000 12"x18" Embroidered Stars/sewn stripes $17.95
16227000 16"x24" Embroidered Stars/sewn stripes $19.95
251200WE 20"x30" Embroidered Stars/sewn stripes $22.95
251250WE 24"x36" Embroidered Stars/sewn stripes $27.95
251300WE 30"x48" Appliquéd Stars/sewn stripes $67.40
251350WE 36"x60" Appliquéd Stars/sewn stripes $70.90
Ameircan flag 50 stars

US 50 Star Flag

1218A 12"x18" Embroidered Stars/sewn stripes $18.90


United States Power Squadron Flags
Item # Size Description Order   Each
252100WE 12"x18" Embroidered Stars/sewn stripes $15.95
252200WE 16"x24" Embroidered Stars/sewn stripes $18.95
252250WE 20"x30" Embroidered Stars/sewn stripes $23.95
252300WE 24"x36" Embroidered Stars/sewn stripes $30.60
252350WE 30"x48" Embroidered Stars/sewn stripes $67.40



United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

Item# Size Description Order   Each
254340WE No.3
Dyed $24.95
254350WE No.4
Dyed $20.95


United States Union Jacks

Item # Size Description Order   Each
256315 13"x15" Embroidered Stars $11.95
256320 17"x20" Embroidered Stars $15.95
256322 20"x26" Embroidered Stars $17.95

Yacht Club Officers' Flags

Code Signal Flags

More State Flags

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