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World War 1

World War 1

100 years ago World War 1 began 

48 Star Field was the current flag at the time of War

The world’s first global conflict, the “Great War” pitted the Central Powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire against the Allied forces of Great Britain, the United States, France, Russia, Italy and Japan. Since the time of WW1 or before and after flags have change many times.

Here are some examples of countries:

 United States-The modern flag that changed in 1960 is 50 stars on the flag represent the 50 states of the United States of America and the 13 stripes represent the thirteen British colonies that declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain and became the first states in the Union.

Germany – The colors of the modern flag are associated with the republican democracy formed after World War I. The black-red-gold colors were the colors of the democratic, centrist, and republican political parties

Great BritainThe current design of the flag dates in 1801.A white-fimbriated symmetric red cross on a blue field with a white-fimbriated counterchanged saltire of red and white.

World War I took the life of more than 9 million soldiers; 21 million more were wounded. Civilian casualties caused indirectly by the war numbered close to 10 million. The two nations most affected were Germany and France, each of which sent some 80 percent of their male populations between the ages of 15 and 49 into battle. The war also marked the fall of four imperial dynasties–Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia and Turkey.

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burdens, meet any hardship, support any friends, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty. – John F Kennedy

WWI may have been the war to end all wars, but it was also the beginning of many military and civilian technologies.

United We Stand waving american flag

The Irish Flag

Well, were coming up on another St. Patrick’s Day and everyone is thinking green.  Of course I think of flags.  The two most popular Irish flags are the national flag of Ireland and the Erin go Bragh.  Both are displayed for St. Patrick’s Day.  Erin Go Bragh is a Gaelic phrase used to express allegiance to Ireland. It is most often translated as “Ireland Forever” The national flag of Ireland or tricolor,  is described with meanings of each color as being that of green representing the Gaelic tradition of Ireland, orange representing the followers of William of Orange in Ireland, and white representing the aspiration for peace between them.

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The World Flag

The World Flag is a vibrant and stunning flag which includes flag images from every country of the world and more.  The world flag is a unifying symbol inspiring positive global change. The flag embraces and celebrates cultural diversity. The flag also helps to raise awareness in education, human rights, world health and the environment.

The world flag organization says “The World Flag was created as a Visual Catalyst.  It fly’s a  unifying symbol inspiring positive global change while continuing to embrace and celebrate cultural diversity.”

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Revolution of 1944

In 1944, October Revolutionaries ended General Jorge Ubico y Castaneda thirteen-year dictatorship (1931–44) of Guatemala, he was overthrown by the Guatemalan nationalists.  There will be many political demonstrations and marches as well as lively celebrations with music and dancing. Guatemalans love to set off fireworks and this day is no exception. Visit the biggest towns and cities to experience a Guatemalan style celebration .  Remember to fly a Guatemalan flag in celebration.

Guatemala flag

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