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Tailgating Telescoping Flagpole


Flag-Works provides quality made Aluminum / Fiberglass Tailgating Telescoping Flagpoles. Aluminum/Fiberglass Tailgating Poles are telescoping and are great for long or short-term displays whether using it for tailgating, parties, businesses, trade shows, fairs, festivals or just put in your yard.  Aluminum Tailgating Poles have an adjustable height up to 19 feet with a 2-inch base diameter.  Aluminum Tailgating Poles are lightweight and easy to transport.  You can either fly a traditional flag or display a banner on the rotating arm.  Fiberglass tailgating poles have an adjustable height of up to 6' to 15' or 8' to 21'

Tailgating Aluminum Pole

19' Telsecoping Tailgating Aluminum Pole
Price $109.95
Item #: TAILGATE-19

Tailgating Fiberglass Flagpole

Tailgating Fiberglass Flagpole

Car Flag Base

Wheel Car Flag Base for Telescoping Flags
Price $49.95